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Absolute Supply Chain

Originally established in the UK over 20 years ago as a distributor of electronic components we expanded in the 1990's to supply electro-mechanical assemblies including PCB's.

Customers with a UK manufacturing base need to remain globally competitive. Our expanded product portfolio therefore includes components and assemblies reliably sourced from overseas countries achieving the lower manufacturing rates.

Manufacturing and Procurement

Through an affiliated company network we can now supply a range of products giving our customers the choice to procure from a UK manufactured origin or from an overseas manufacturing base.

See our Products page for the types of component and assembly we can offer and see our Quality page to find how we qualify and assure the source of supply from our affiliates.

The Absolute Supply Chain team are Buying Personnel and not Sales Personnel so we understand the needs of a manufacturing Buyer or Supply Chain Manager.

Do you require a source that can get as close to zero defects as possible, maybe through a Six Sigma approach? Do you require shortest possible lead-times and a fast supply chain with minimum amounts of inventory and sensible stock turns? Do you purchase on cost of ownership / total input cost and not price and need the deal to be competitive and for your Purchase Price Variance (PPV) report not to come under pressure? When things go wrong, as they usually do on occasions even with the best of companies, do you want a supplier to be exceptionally supportive and dynamic and go that extra mile to get the deal back on track and that end customer smiling again?

With a sales tracking and logistics office based only 7 miles from London Heathrow airport (LHR), we are ideally positioned to efficiently import and deliver product to our UK customers (or ship to any worldwide location of our customers choice, subject to the granting of the relevant import/export licences).

We have many years experience of import and export controls and can offer local warehousing if required.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact John or Craig in the UK for more information or to discuss your requirement and how we can help.